Holiday villas in Crete, your best rental choice

Luxury Villas Greece

If you and your friends or family prefer to hire a property for your vacation, instead of staying in a hotel, the Greek island of Crete has plenty of exciting options for luxury villa rentals. Perhaps you have a special occasion to celebrate – a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding. The convenience of all being able to stay in one place in beautiful and comfortable surroundings is well worth the outlay.

Crete mountain views west Crete

This island offers a wide range of locations, from stunning mountain hideaways with panoramic views of the natural scene, to beach-side properties with golf courses, nightclubs and restaurants close by. If city living is preferred, there are some old castles and traditional stone dwellings of wealthy merchants that have been tastefully converted into holiday lets.

No matter what style of villa you prefer, Crete vacation rentals will give you a true taste of luxury. You can expect to have your own private pool and jacuzzi, along with staff if required. Boutique apartments are also to be found, equipped and furnished to a very high standard. If you wish for complete privacy you can find an isolated villa in a superb location, but there are also modern complexes with a shared pool and landscaped gardens. Most offer both secluded spots for sun-worshipers, and shady corners or terraces.

luxury villa in crete greece

five start villa crete

If your taste is for the rustic appeal of a traditional Greek home you can find beautifully restored old mansions, containing both antique furniture and ‘all mod-cons,’ refurbished with great care. Indeed, some villas in Crete may exceed your expectations. Alternatively, there are many purpose-built modern holiday homes, architect-designed to provide excellent quality and style.

traditional villa in crete


Depending on how much time you have, there is plenty to do in this ancient and fascinating corner of Greece. The town of Hersonissos has an excellent aquarium, with a museum of Cretan life nearby. Crete is world-renowned for the bronze-age archaeological site of Knossos, where the palace of King Minos – famous for the labyrinth and Minotaur – was excavated. It is believed to be Europe’s most ancient city, and well worth visiting.

elafonisi beach crete

But if you prefer to laze and swim there are also many unspoiled beaches with crystalline blue water and clean sand, where scuba diving is also an option. For the more energetic and nature-loving tourist, a hike in one of the gorges will not disappoint. Samaria gorge, for instance, is rated one of the top ten in Europe. There is also a botanical park, containing plant species from all over the world.

The cost of renting luxury villas in Crete depends on the season, but ranges from around £150 (about 210 Euros or 230 USD) for a delightful love-nest for two, to over £3.000 (4,250 Euros or 4,600 USD) for a large mansion that can sleep a dozen or more. Some websites offer discounts for early booking.

luxury villa in crete

So it is up to you, or your agent, to research Crete vacation rentals and decide on your ideal location and style of accommodation to suit your pocket. The variety of activities you can engage in on Crete is rivaled only by the range of first class villas to rent.


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