Live your myth in Greece


Greece usually reminds us of the Gods of Olympus, mythology creatures, great food and the beautiful empresses. There are a countless reasons to travel to Greece, but the main reason can be to enjoy its rich cultural history. Greece is known for its artistic, social, scientific, and political contributions.

greek island vacations greece
Greece is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It ranks in world’s top 20 most visited countries. According to Greek Ministry of Tourism, the country received about 18 Million visitors in 2013, which is quite a large number for such a small country with a population of about 12 Million. Tourists are usually drawn to the nation’s beaches and beautiful sunny summer weather, historical sites and its’ natural beauty.

greece lighthouse crete

Greece is also among of the earliest known advanced European cultures. Ancient Greece, under leadership of Alexander the Great, they defeated Persians and the victory resulted to what is known as the Hellenistic era.


When you travel to Greece you will get to enjoy the country’s major contributions to the world first hand, these contributions include: democracy, artistry, western philosophy, science, politics, western literature, historiography, mathematics and western drama.

It’s also known as the creator of Olympic Games. The modern Olympic games as we know it was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Baron.

greece olympic games


Overall, Greece is one of the best countries to spend your vacations, especially with your family. It may be time to change up the family tradition or start a new one of traveling to Greece year after year !


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