Top reasons to travel to Greek Islands

greek islands vacation

Greece has more than 1400 picturesque islands with each offering something unique and interesting making it one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the globe. Some of the reasons why you should visit the Greek islands include:

Endless variety – thanks to the numerous islands you will find here you will definitely enjoy endless variety from some of the biggest music festivals to water sports and incredible tours among many others.

  • Unique drinks: The islands also give you a chance to toast with unique drinks that you will probably not find anywhere else. Great food- Greek cuisine offers a superbly diverse array of rich foods with flavors changing with geography and season.
  • Gorgeous beaches: There are numerous beautiful beaches where you can just soak in its glories to enjoy an awesome time.
  • Amazing weather: The Greek islands enjoy Mediterranean climate that makes it ideal to travel all year round. Summer is also great with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees.
  • Stunning scenery: The ancient villages, bewildering beaches, coastal caves and sheltered bays as well as an incredible sunset offer some of the most breathe-taking views you will ever see.
  • Epic nightlife: The islands are well known for their night life thus you can be assured that you will have a blast.


This is one of the Greek islands that offers the best scenery you could have every imaged of. It has a rich history behind it that goes back to 1600 BC after a volcano erupted and the center disappeared in the sea.



This is one of the islands that offer the very best of village life thanks to all the 46 traditional villages it features. It is the largest island in Cyclades and has numerous swoon worthy beaches, interesting ruins, great local dairy and produce and it is home to the Venetian Castle.



This is another great option you have when looking at Greek islands. This usually comes to life in July and August when the night owls normally arrive in huge numbers and the streets in the town are packed with revelers of all kinds.



The best option you have when looking for the ideal spot for windsurfing and kite-boarding. Constant wind on the island is evident from the moment the ferry approaches it. It is best to visit this place during July and August when the winds peak is at its intensity.

paros island greece vacations


One of the Greek islands that are known to have the best food. Here locals are known to be independent and they also have a fondness to use guns. It is also blessed with fertile soil and plants that have not been affected by industrial farming.

crete chania old port


This is one of the islands that promise a huge number of diverse volcanic beaches. Some have black sand, some white others give the feeling of crushed shells underfoot with waters that range from aquamarine to cobalt blue.


If you would like to learn more about the incredible Greek islands, be on the lookout for the next series of posts that will expound more on the island descriptions, things to do there and accommodation.


One response to “Top reasons to travel to Greek Islands

  1. My husband and I live on our boat in Greece for most of the year, and we have sailed to 43 Greek islands over the last five years. We enjoy discovering some of the smaller and less developed islands where tourists rarely go, such as Fourni Arki, Lipsi and Levitha. I recently wrote s blog post on my ten favourite Greek islands, and I’ve had numerous articles published in UK sailing magazines and other publications.

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