The Top 5 Dishes Travelers Should Eat in Crete

Food In Crete

Here is an article i wrote on Taste Trekkers about some interesting dishes for vegetarians:

Greece in general and Crete in particular are very much a food culture. Our lives greatest moments, whether good or bad, whether joyful or with sorrow, are very much linked or accompanied with food. The otherwise typical question: “what did you eat today?” is not one with dialogical curiosity, but rather one that aims in sharing an important event of the day. The answer that follows is not given with a simple verbal answer, but rather with a series of non-verbal cues such as the rubbing of your belly, the shake of the hand as an exclamation mark, or even the sour expression of the face in order to underline the pleasure, or disappointment that came along with its consumption.

Greek people see food as a partner, as medicine, as indicator of knowledge, prosperity or…

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