Tessaloniki, Greece

Salt Trails

Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city, but still fairly small. It’s a port city with a long and important history due to its location where the East meets the West. These days it’s know for being more posh, and fashion conscious than Athens, and as a city with a large, young, population it has an active, hip nightlife scene.

The architecture of Thessaloniki stands out. Ruins of archaeological sites dating back twenty-something centuries sit nestled in the ground in popular, busy squares, and old, dilapidated, stone churches stand closely smashed between tall, concrete apartment blocks. The city clearly represents its many distinct eras of inhabitants.

The spacious, long walkway following the harbor, with Mount Olympus in the backdrop, make for perfect evening walks. During the summer, hot, humid days keep people indoors, and shops closed. Thessaloniki comes to life late at night when the cool breeze that drifts from the sea…

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