Traditional Villas – Experience the authentic Crete

rethimno harbor crete

Crete is a beautiful island in Greece (the largest one) and combines natural beauty with unique Mediterranean culture and history. It is one of the best places to consider spending your vacations as it has it all, from gorgeous sunny beaches to exciting mountain views that invite you to explore them.


For the past years in my travels I have fallen in love with this island, the rich history of Minoans have always intrigued me and the unique hospitality of the people is some of my top reasons to visit it every year. For those who are looking to experience the authentic Crete and its hospitality there are many traditional old mansion for rent in all regions of Crete. Most of those old mansions can be found as traditional “villas”.


The location of those villas is usually close or even part of a Cretan village. Those villages is the perfect opportunity to experience the authentic Crete and its unique hospitality. It’s also a great way to avoid the mainstream tourist life and enjoy the privacy that a traditional villa offers you.

village crete1

crete village

Meet and chat with the locals, listen to the famous Cretan serenades (mantinades) and you might even have the chance to dance to traditional Cretan music, you will find in most local coffee shops (kafenio) someone playing the Cretan Lyre, singing with the others.

crete traditional villagers

The architecture of the Cretan traditional villas keep the Venetian characteristic of their era, stone, wood and tile are common materials which create a warm sense of hospitality.

Of course those old mansions have all the amenities you can think, from beautiful stone fireplaces to fully equipped kitchens and stunning outdoor gardens. They also have several rooms and they can host a quite satisfactory number of visitors. Usually have two floors and its perfect for family vacations, especially if you travel with friends.

crete traditional villa bedroom

crete traditional villa living room

crete traditional villa living room

The traditional villas in Crete is a perfect way to spend your holidays on a budget. If you travel with friends or as a family you can find villas that start from 80 pounds per night (about 115 euros) and you can easily save more money rather staying in a hotel.

Crete traditional villa view

crete traditional villa pool view


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