My dream holidays in Crete

I wish my holidays in Crete would never end, I mean who wouldn’t love that? We just came back from our lovely trip in Chania, Crete and I already miss the beautiful island.

We decided to visit Stavros which is a wonderful and quiet village in Akrotiri peninsula, perfect for private vacations. The place is well known for its amazing sandy beaches and the cute small taverns.

stavros beach holiday

stavros beach chania

stavros holiday beach chania

stavros chania beach bar
There are also some beach bars that offer snacks and beverages and are perfect spots to enjoy a cold one while watching the stunning sunset!

sunset stavros crete

We decided to stay in a wonderful holiday villa in Crete, after a friend suggestion and I think it was the best choice for us. Apart from the beautiful and traditional room decoration and amenities, the villa had an amazing private pool with the best views of the area.


The villa is perched on a hilltop and on the edge of the sea, the views are stupendous and its immaculate interior match its magnificent location.




Our host was great too, made us feel like home and even helped us with some groceries shopping! The spectacular Cretan hospitality and fantastic accommodation choices like Villa Penelope is one of the many reasons for someone to visit the beautiful island of Crete.


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