A Wonderful Paros–Antiparos day trip

Paros – Antiparos day trip is an option that I would strongly recommend to anyone spending holidays in Paros. Paros is one of the biggest islands of Cyclades, located west of Naxos and east of Antiparos. On the fifth day of my holidays there, I had already seen most of the beauties of Paros and asked the locals to recommend a short boat trip to another island. Almost everyone recommended Paros – Antiparos day trip. Antiparos is less than one nautical mile from Paros and is linked every half hour with the ferry line to the settlement of Punta in Paros. So, it was very easy for me to visit Antiparos and this is what I did!

Antiparos port

Shortly before you arrive in Antiparos, on your right, you see a small wooded island, named as Revmatonisi. Once the boat docs in Antiparos port, you realize that you are in a typical Cycladic island. The Cycladic beauty of Antiparos, with the white and blue houses, the bougainvillea in their yards, the cobbled streets and the several beautiful beaches really charmed me!  I understood why Antiparos was such a popular tourist resort, flooded every summer with Greeks and European visitors.

Antiparos white-blue house

Getting out of the boat, at the port of Antiparos, stands out the church of Agia Marina, where, in July, takes place the biggest festival on the island. Walking further, in the northeastern end of the island, is Antiparos small town, developed around the historical center of the Venetian Castle. After I strolled the streets of Antiparos settlement and bought some souvenirs, I decided to head towards the Venetian Castle. The Castle is connected through the shopping street to the ferry on the waterfront.

Antiparos town

Antiparos castle is a typical example of the fortified settlements created in Cyclades, during the Latin occupation. The foundation of the castle dates to the mid 15th century, as I read on the sign, placed at the entrance of the castle. Inside the castle, there is a small picturesque church. As I was told by the locals, a main feature of the Castle of Antiparos is the small bats that appear on the sunset and fly around the tower until sunrise.

The church in the Venetian castle of Antiparos

At this time, sightseeing was enough! I decided to head to the southwest, to the tourist settlement of St. George. Opposite St. George is Despotiko, an uninhabited island where, in recent years, are held excavations with great antiques finds. In front of the small church of Saint George, there is a small and quiet beach. There, I made my bathroom and relaxed while blowing a fresh breeze. But the time had already passed and I decided to visit the restaurant which was nearby. I dare say that I tasted the best seafood I’ve ever eaten.

Agios Georgios church in Antiparos

After this satisfying meal, it was time to take the way back. Passing from the center of the island, I saw the sign towards the Cave of Antiparos. As I had enough time free until the ferry departs, I decided to make a small exploration.

Fish tavern in Agios Georgios

The Cave of Antiparos is considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious caves in the world, as some people say. The findings indicate that the cave was used as a natural refuge from the Neolithic era yet. Its imposing entrance gave me the impression of what I would see further inside. Going down to the chambers -411 stairs leading to the heart of the cave- I felt a sense of both, awe and admiration. In an area of 5,600 sq.m. and a depth of over 100 m., I saw impressive stalactites and stalagmites, which captivated me with their mysterious magic!

The spectacular Antiparos cave

I left the Cave and I returned back to the small port of Antiparos. While the ferry was sailing in the waters of Aegean taking me back, I knew that I would try Paros-Antiparos day trip once more, till the end of my vacation.


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